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collectives, cards, and community

Eczema is a devilish disease that is best thwarted mentally (in my case) by keeping myself busy daydreaming, reading, and researching. The strongest distraction as of late has been collectives. I have always had an affinity for collectives of sorts because I think the cooperation when the project comes together, always showcases some great work:… Continue reading collectives, cards, and community

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why eczema is so hard to solve

Over the years I have gotten so much advice from well wishers about how to cure my eczema. While some of the suggestions may be useful, more often than not they aren't, and it may not be because the advice is something I've already tried or something outlandish. It may be more so because advice… Continue reading why eczema is so hard to solve

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storytime: an ode to new season

I love me some fall. Born right before a time of thanks giving, All Hallows eve as the favorite, But Dia de los Muertes too, And the allure of the medieval faires, costumes, candy and color. I love the crisp air smells, the harvest season of bounty. Pumpkins and apples are two of my favorites,… Continue reading storytime: an ode to new season

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having a career with eczema

Last week in my email I saw a post from NEA about a woman named Helen Piña who described what it's like for her to have eczema with her job. I was intrigued, as eczema has completely derailed my initial career plans, and because Helen is the first person I relate to whose eczema flares got… Continue reading having a career with eczema

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eczema with a newborn

For the first few days after having my little one, I was on such a high of nerves and adrenaline that I felt great!  I had been on antibiotics while in the hospital, and after getting home my skin started to feel really dry. I started taking some probiotics and focusing on drinking lots of… Continue reading eczema with a newborn

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storytime: rain and insomnia

My thoughts at 4am this morning: Itch-induced insomnia has been a big irritant in my life lately. Once awake, the sweet whispers of my deeply creative but poorly timed imagination spring into gear and I'm left day-dreaming and pondering through all the remaining hours of the night. Tonight, a mini torrential downpour has started after… Continue reading storytime: rain and insomnia

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herbs for eczema: basil

I have decided to start a new series within the blog. I have had a deep and abiding love for herbs and gardening since I was a wee one (I used to try to collect dandelion roots to make my own coffee around age 12, despite the fact that I didn't drink coffee. Anyway, I… Continue reading herbs for eczema: basil

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eczema and i: my deviation from the beaten path

Today's post is all about trying to convey what life with eczema is like for me. The first thing I need to stress is that my condition was not always this severe. I can remember a "before", as my condition didn't start affecting my skin globally until I was 21 or 22. So how has… Continue reading eczema and i: my deviation from the beaten path

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korean skin care for eczema

A few years back I came across an article about how a woman named Kathleen Hou managed to keep her eczema in check by using Korean skin care routines/products. Naturally I was intrigued, but the level of steps involved was so daunting to me (I tended to be a frolics-in-the-sun-and-to-h*ll-with-my-skin kind of girl before my… Continue reading korean skin care for eczema

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yoga for eczema

This is a post I initially wrote after talking about the different alternative medicines and their content. I never ended up posting it because I had the baby and promptly forgot I wrote it. But without further ado, here is a post that focuses a bit more on the physical aspects of one of those holistic… Continue reading yoga for eczema