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why eczema is so hard to solve

Over the years I have gotten so much advice from well wishers about how to cure my eczema. While some of the suggestions may be useful, more often than not they aren't, and it may not be because the advice is something I've already tried or something outlandish. It may be more so because advice… Continue reading why eczema is so hard to solve

eczema, exercise and activity, my journey, topical steroid withdrawal

elephant skin: my life currently

My skin is going through what I believe to be another topical steroid withdrawal. My reasoning? I have excessive wrinkling on the extensor surfaces of my skin (I call this stage of skin my "elephant" phase, and I'm not alone; see the study here), and I was on a moderately potent steroid ointment for most… Continue reading elephant skin: my life currently

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topical steroids, other topicals, and topical steroid withdrawal

As the science of skin (dermatology) progressed, more information was understood about what this large organ is made of, how it works, and how to keep it healthy. I won’t go into the skin anatomy today but one thing that was more or less universally accepted was: dry skin = bad skin. So in practice… Continue reading topical steroids, other topicals, and topical steroid withdrawal

eczema, flare-up, topical steroids

how to find dr. right (dermatology edition)

As one of many people who sees a dermatologist for some kind of reoccurring eczema or atopic dermatitis (AD) and as someone who has cycled through the what feels like all options for treatment (often never finding that perfect product, the lifestyle management, or that patient-doctor connection), and as someone always searching to get to… Continue reading how to find dr. right (dermatology edition)